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tv   News  ABC  June 1, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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golden gate bridge. car poolers will also begin paying on the toll bridges. three person car pools crossing the golden gate will be charged $3. car pools and motorcycles get a free passage say long the bridge, except for holidays. the new toll is half what vehicles with two or fewer people pay. all right, now we want you to see this. bp's latest plan to stop the oil gushing in the gulf of mexico could be ready as early as today. these pictures really tell the story. if it's cut, the company says that they have another containment effort in the works. here is abc's tj wineck with more. >> the beach was busy this memorial day weekend, but not how locals would have liked. >> works cleaning it up. >> involves slicing through a broken pipeline on the ocean floor. engineers hope they can fit a small cap over the clean cut
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and pump the oil up to waiting ships, but there are risks. > things that could possibly go wrong, if the pressure is too high for the cap to fit properly. >> plans to tour the gulf course later today. the justice department may be contemplating civil suits or a criminal investigation in connection with the environmental catastrophe. denying the existence of a giant new plume of oil floating below the surface. >> discovered by scientists, it is thicker and darker than anything seen before. >> bp really stands for line to plumes. they deny what independent scientists have documented to be real. >> there are now oil and gas platforms in the gulf closing down, because of the fuse from the oil slick are so bad, that it is no longer considered safe
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for workers. tj, abc news, washington. it is 5:32. the red cross is helping 12 families this morning after a fire injuried two in an apartment in howard county. the three alarm fire started around 5:30 yesterday morning. then the 9100 block of blues ally in laurel. firefighters say two people were trapped and had to be rescued. their injuries are not life threatening. no word yet on what caused this fire. this morning, former governor is shaking things up a bit in his quest for his old job. he is promising to cut the state sales tax. the republican also said he would cut the state's corporate income tax, which is sending corporations to other states. we have a consumer alert for you. you know, for years inet
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strategies has been protecting companies by monitoring their computer systems and now they are going to bring that business into your home. they are branching out into a new area of business by monitoring what you are posting on websites, like facebook, myspace, and twitter. >> we all are trusting individuals and we want to be friendly and communicate with others, but you have to use some common sense. >> so inet will review your privacy settings to make sure your information is not going to more people than you think and will warn you to stay away from certain third party applications. >> you are going to be worrying less about giving up your seat. this week, federal officials are expected to announce a plan that would raise the amount of money airlines must pay to passengers who get bumped off a flight. while the department won't release any of the details. groups are pushing the agency to raise the limits to $800 and $1200 if the traveler gets bumped involuntarily.
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>> millions are buying ipads and sales are booming. the company sold more than 2 million ipads in just 59 days. that's roughly 24 ipads per minute. apple launched the device in the united states early last month and just this past friday, it went on sale in europe as well as asia. immigration debate heats up. >> it is moving towards the sports arena. >> what activists ask fans to do at one major league baseball game, but first, before we head to break, let's head over to justin and see what the weather is going to be like. >> it's 5:34. temperatures, 70s on the eastern shore. they are in the low 60s right now in oakland. another hot, steamy day. it will be more widespread thunderstorms. right now, let's see what is happening with the mta. >> good morning, the commute looks good. on the mark train system, no
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hot and humid around the harbor. this is video from yesterday that didn't stop folks from coming out and enjoying the sunshine. our abc news cameras caught people having fun, keeping cool. that's the way to do it, go to those fountains. >> it was a scorcher out there yesterday. >> let's find out about today. here is justin. >> all right, at 5:38. the way people like memorial day to be. it felt like 100. we made it to 92 on the thermometer. now that's up in carol county and a couple showers did flow through the north side. you notice the left over humidity. that 70 feels like 76 and across a lot of the area. now slipping down to 69. abeaberdeen going down to 76.
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storms could turn strong to severe later this afternoon into this evening. right now, 5:39. let's go to the roads with kim. >> traffic is off to a really good start so far this morning and as more incidents come along, we'll follow you at as we take a peek at our drive time. only going to take you five minutes. 95 southbound, all lanes open to 695. that's a three minute trip. on the topside, no problems at all. as we take a peek around the beltway. nothing to let you know around this time. 83 is all clear. 795 looks good and the 95 corridor is clean to the beltway. megan and jamie, back to you. >> teams have been battling it out all yearlong. >> charging, he scores. >> won it to the blue devils.
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5:43 right now. it sparked on outcry in cities around the world, including here in new york and dc. the humanitarian ship heading to the gaza strip was carrying hundreds of people. abc2 news joins us live with how we are doing this morning. >> 81-year-old edward survived the attack. he is from chevy chase, maryland. his wife hasn't been able to talk to him yet. peck was on board the boat that was trying to get humanitarian aid to gaza when they stormed it. peck's wife said he received an e-mail, telling her her husband was fine and headed home.
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the e-mail said he would likely arrive today, but he didn't have a cell phone and would call from a new york airport when you landed. peck was on the ship with a group of activists, carrying tons of relief items. at least nine people were killed, dozens more wounded in the attack. the attack sparked protests around the world, including one around new york city. supporters condemned it. >> i think there's an absolutely an appalling act that israel did. there was no reason to do it. israel is acting like a bully, and everywhere you turn, israel says everybody is a terrorist. >> there were hundreds of other activists on the ships, including a holocaust survivor. edward peck is a former u.s. ambassador. she also served under former president, ronald reagan. in the studio, abc2 news. >> news time now, 5:44 a. place where they once played is now boarded up. six little kids, some as young
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as six are in trouble. tell us more about this. >> good morning. at a time when the current budget includes cuts, one center is vandalized at the hands of children. six hands have been given criminal citations after police say they vandalized -- the wreck center has been closed because of budget cuts. now after the vandalism, the rear of the building is covered in graffiti, shards of glass, trash covers the athletic field. the inside of the building is worse with thousands of dollars to damage to computers and interior walls. warn that youth crime would increase if kids don't have a productive place to go. >> they aren't stealing nothing. >> a nice environment. so many nice people was there. >> now the six kids have been charged as juveniles with breaking and entering and
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destruction of property. their parents could face charges as well. in the studio. abc2 news. >> time now is 5:46. tomorrow the memorial service to remember a prominent businessman will be held. it will be held at 3:00 in the afternoon at the ame church. he was born in cincinnati and a member of the legendary airmen. after the war. he married his college sweetheart who introduced him to henry parks. together, they would run park sausages. ran the urban league for years. he was the mentor to dozens of african american business owners here in baltimore. >> 5:46. the duke men's lacrosse team won it in dramatic fashion. >> charging for the nets, he scores. it's a storybook ending for the seniors, with their first national championship in school
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history. >> five kicks, that's all it came down to. shortest overtime goal ever in ncaa history as duke wins 6-5 under notre dame. duke wins its first national championship. and it's all about lacrosse here. in the men's lacrosse ncaa championship and sunday, a record crowd turned out here in towson to watch the university of maryland women's team take the title from north western. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, the air quality code yellow today. an improvement from what we saw yesterday. the buildup of pollutants getting mixed with the air that is going to be increasing with wind speed. code yellow today. a look at the steamy temperatures. 75 in baltimore right now. and with the humidity.
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does feel warmer than that. the wind trying to help matters, at least this morning. wind expected to increase as we act on this heat to our west. overall, we are going to charge the atmosphere with the potential of mitigating strong to severe storms. we'll watch this cold front interact with the warm air in place and that will help to spawn the showers and thunderstorms that could turn severe. the line doesn't look that impressive right now. once we act on some of the heat of the day and this does approach the eastern sea board. it will get stormy. we start to pop showers around the bay and back with that frontal boundary. watch the front slowly work on the area. anywhere between 4:00 and 8:00, we'll have some areas of storms going along ahead of the frontal boundary. and it will be determined by how much sun we get and where those pockets of energy happen to line up. either way you slice it, we'll have strong thunderstorms bopping around this line and
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that could bring with it heavy downpours, it could bring with it some gusty winds. the threshold for severe weather, or one inch hail in diameter. we have those criteria, and we put in potential watches and warnings. we'll break the humidity. stay with the heat for the rest of the week and build in the chance for showers and storms. today, 86. but that comes with more clouds, more storms, and more wind. again, some stuff could state your name severe. drop back to 63. during the day tomorrow, it will be 87 degrees and notice temperatures into the 90s on thursday. temperatures actually get their way back into the low to mid 80s with afternoon showers as we head through friday, saturday, and sunday. kim. justin, we are looking good so far on the road this morning. just a little bit of minor volume and our usual trouble spots as you are approaching. as we take a peek at the
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beltway, running good on the northwest corner. northbound 95, up to 395. it's only going to take you 9 minutes. from i-70 to 32 and on the southwest side of the outer loop, 70 to 95. that will take you 6 minutes. to see what i'm talking about, light volume on the northwest corner. no problems on 795, harrisburg expressway. we have more good morning maryland coming up right after this. abc2 works for the community. a proud partner. (woman) dear cat. your hair mixes with pollen and dust. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant.
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all right, it's 5:53. some of the stories we are following on this tuesday morning, two more ships are on their way to the gaza. the u.n. is condemning the acts that result in the loss of at least nine lives. they are calling now for an investigation. >> and then we have al-qaeda announcing its number three official has been killed. the statement posts on the group's website did not see where or how azid was killed.
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now u.s. officials said he was believed to have died in the u.s. missile strike. >> and here locally, baltimore city police are investigating reports of a toddler before a motorcycle driver dodged it, hit a pole, and later died at the hospital. according to police, the dirt bike driver left the child in an ally in west baltimore on sunday night. th toddler is expected to be okay. >> politics is mixing with sports over the immigration debate. about 150 line the streets outside dodgers stadium in los angeles yesterday to protest the dodgers, arizona diamondbacks game. protesters want fans to boo the diamondbacks over their state's controversial immigration law. protesters are calling on the national league baseball executives to shift the 2011 all star game away from phoenix. they also want the dodgers to move spring training from arizona because latino players
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could be the victims of racial profiling. the muslim army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people in a shooting spree at fort hood is scheduled for his first court appearance today. the trial of nadal hassan could reveal details. another american muslim soldier says fort hood is failing the mission of respecting all faiths. 5:55 right now. millions of u.s. attended memorial parades yesterday. >> one of them went terribly wrong in ohio. >> the elderly man who kept driving and the people he injured before the parade started. >> plus, preventing heart attacks. how the place where you live could determine if you are at increased risk of having one. plus, a lot of us will have barbecues this summer. how giant retailers may have
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you depending on a lot less. and at 5:56. we have ourselves some storms. could turn strong and severe. we get to 86 degrees. 88 tomorrow. more storms return by the weekend. and we will return with the second hour of good morning maryland right after this. a quick peek at the roads, though. >> so far, so good to begin your tuesday morning commute. 95 corridor, also checking in, incident free. we'll get a complete check of your travel times when good morning maryland returns at 6:00. rñt, here's caltrate.
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now, good morning maryland. >> on this tuesday morning, israel is facing international fury over its raid. israel's prime minister was supposed to be the president, but that's not going to happen. >> police want to find a dirt bike rider involved in a deadly motorcycle crash and left a two-
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year-old on the street. >> and where you live could determine whether you live. a new study is out about your heart. we'll tell you how to keep it beating. >> that's nice. good morning, maryland. >> thank you for joining us. it's awfully nice. >> here is meteorologist, justin burke and storms could be beating down on us. >> we hit 92 yesterday. this morning, we start off in the 70s in many spots. in fact, we just hit 70 at veterans. the humidity making it feel like 76. winds have been gusting as high as 20 miles per hour and that wind is helping us this morning to stir up the air. still 70 feels like 76 at nearby o'winings mills. we have ourselves a partly cloudy sky and watch the showers back to our west. that doesn't look that impressive, entering garrett county. appears as if those will fire up as we head into the afternoon and storms expected to


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